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🐾 🎉 WE are very excited to announe Puppy PreSchool is NOW available at Yankalilla...🎉 🐾

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Yankalilla Veterinary Clinic is a locally family owned veterinary practice of Dr Marcus Stafford and Dr Jodie Spence. They took over the practice towards the end of 2012. Between them they have over 30 years in the veterinary industry.

Yankalilla Veterinary Clinic provides modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets. We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinic with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. Our dedicated staff and leading veterinarians are all passionate about pets and avid animal lovers.

At Yankalilla Veterinary Clinic, you’ll be fully supported with sound advice first and foremost. We know that helping our clients starts with providing a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options. With good advice and professional recommendations, you will be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care decisions for your pet.

With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores we provide on-the-spot assistance for nearly all pet health and medical needs. Take a moment to meet our team and our own pets. We look forward to seeing you and your pet again at the next scheduled visit.

'Treat every pet as though they are our own'.

Services we offer: Full Consultation, Medical & Surgical Facilities including: Chemotherapy, Dentistry, Desexing, Endoscopy (flexible & rigid), Hospitalisation, Laboratory work, Microchipping, Microscopy, Pharmacy (on-site), Radiology (X-rays), Surgery (general, soft tissue & orthopaedic), Ultrasonography, Vaccinations & Puppy PreSchool.

 May News:

- There are new Dog and Cat reforms that will come into effect as if July 1 2018, which include mandatory microchipping for all cats and dogs. As a result, many pets have been visiting us with their owners to be chipped! Mircochipping is something that can be done conscious. 

- We are seeing many pets with Dental Disease. Dental Disease is very common in most pets from 3 years of age...WHAT is it exactly? A build up of bacteria combined with food debris and saliva, this forms plaque, which progresses to tartar (brown/yellow material that stains the tooth near the gumline). Dental Disease is actually a serious disease, and can cause pain, gingivitis, tooth loss and even have systemic effects on the Heart and Kidneys.

We recommend a multi-modual appraoch to preventing Dental Disease: feeding raw meaty bones (Kangaroo is great!), Greenies dental chews and even a special dental diet can be a valuable idea, particularly if your pet has suffered Dental Disease in the past. Brushing their teeth with special dog and cat toothpaste (NOT human toothpaste, the Flouride content is MUCH too high for our pets) is another proactive form of prevention. Pending the grade of the Disease, a dental scale and polish which removes plaque and tartar from the teeth may be required, and in some instances extracting diseased teeth is also neccessary. Bad breath is commonly a BIG sign that your pet may be suffering from Dental Disease. If you are concerned about your pet, a check with the Vet may be warranted. 

- Our clinic is proud to offer a FREE weight loss program for all of our patients. Our program includes access to our scales at any time to track your pets weight loss, professional nutritional advice, support and a feeding plan tailored for your individual pet by our experienced Nurses. We are big believers in BALANCE....so we aim to incoporate environmental enrichment into your pets feeding plan which will help keep them busy and happy while loosing weight! 

- Our Puppy PreSchool classes have been continuing to operate as of June last year! We focus hevaily on behaviour (biting, jumping up, the JOYS of puppyhood!) and we use the most up to date positive reinforcement training methods. Bookings are essential. 

- We are now stocking a new comprehensive preventative product for dogs, NexGard Spectra! NexGard Spectra treats and prevents your dog from the deadly Heartworm, Fleas, Ticks, Whipworm, Hookworm and Roundworm all in the form of a tasty once a month chew. As a bonus - if you purchase a 6 pack of the NexGard Spectra, we will also give you a 6 month supply of Tapewormer tablets, an additional NexGard Spectra treatment!


Above: Feeding raw meaty bones as well as brushing the teeth of our pets, are both GREAT forms of preventing Dental Disease! Toothpaste commonly comes in Chicken and Beef flavours!